Liberty Horsemanship

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Liberty Horsemanship

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re-wilding horse and human

In the spirit of horse podcast

Join Mosie Trewhitt and her guests as they explore a new age of horsemanship. Free ideas of judgment and shame, right and wrong, good and bad, we aim to take the pressure off horse and human and ask the hard questions from a place of compassion.

What is ethical training? Are our horses happy? How can we provide the best lives for the horses we love? How can we better understand our horses? And finally, what do horses have to teach us?

When given the chance, horses change us, often helping us to connect with our truest, most authentic selves. While exploring the enchanting, sometimes mysterious, connection between horse and human, we ask what it means to live in the spirit of horse.


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Foundation of Liberty
Online Course

In this course, we will explore the philosophy of Liberty Horsemanship, learn the basics of positive reinforcement training, and play with horses at liberty in a way that inspires their spirit and natural curiosity, all the while deepen our connection to the horses we love.
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Re-wilded Lifestyle



horse boarding re-defined

Re-Wilded Boarding


We strive to practice the best training methods with our horses to provide them with happy, healthy lives – but what about the other 23 hours a day we aren’t training?

Perhaps even more than training, the way we care for and house horses is vital to their well-being, physically, mentally, and emotionally. A proper lifestyle is fundamental to a horse’s happiness and health, yet sadly, traditional equestrian boarding often fails to provide for horses’ basic needs. We are aiming to change that, educating barn owners on how to provide a better-suited lifestyle for the horses in their care and giving horse lovers more options for how and where to board their horses, in settings that allow horses to truly thrive.
Join us in creating a lifestyle for horses that supports their health and happiness!
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Interested in Providing a Re-Wilded Lifestyle on Your Private Land or Opening a Re-Wilded Boarding Barn?
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