It’s Winter Solstice Time!

As you may know, yesterday was the winter solstice. The shortest day and longest night of the year – where light makes way for the long restoration. It’s a time to delve into the darkness, swim to our depths, and bask in moonlight of our souls.  This week I want to share with you a few activities to connect you to the winter energy that is peaking right now.


This is a time for introspection and reflection – moments alone with our minds and emotions. It’s a time to be soft and kind with ourselves – to hold ourselves close for some much needed rest this winter.

This is the completion of our yearly cycle.

Before we jump into our new year plans and goals, it’s time to honor how far we have come – appreciate and take in all we have done this year. We as a society tend to focus on doing, making plans, and accomplishing goals, but rarely do we take enough time to acknowledge and celebrate our accomplishments. If we don’t make time for this crucial aspect of the goal setting cycle – honoring and acknowledging all we have done – we may never feel quite fulfilled in our endeavors. Just as we must take time for gratitude while we aspire for abundance, we must take time to realize our accomplishments at the end of a “goal setting” cycle.

  1. Reflect on All Your Achievements This Year 

On a piece of paper or in your journal, make a list of all of your accomplishments this year. These can be strait forward goals such as “started a business” or “finished the 8th grade in one piece” or “exercised every Monday”, but they can also be internal. My list is filled with emotional growth and small hardships overcome. Perhaps you “got over a bad breakup” or “took more time for yourself” or “worked on quieting a judgemental inner voice” this year. These are just as valid accomplishments that must be celebrated! <3 Write them down! Write it all down, and don’t be modest! 😉 You deserve to celebrate all of your amazing progress, as big or small as it may seem.

Winter is the perfect time for shedding away the things that no longer serve you or perhaps even cause you harm. It’s a time to look at what really means the most to you and what else is just fluff, or even poison, in your life. I personally have found this a great time to get back in touch with what is really important – to look at my priorities and better align my life with what I really value. Many times we are faced with decisions where we must choose between what is priority and what is urgent, and many times the two get tangled up. Not everything that is urgent and begging for your attention is a priority or worth your time.

Reminding yourself what’s really important to you allows you to make decision about how you want to schedule and mold your life with your priorities at the forefront (whatever they may be) rather than reaction to every “urgent” call that may not mean that much to you, leaving no room for what means the most.

  1. Write down your priories, and then examine what in your life may be distracting you from what you know to be truly important. 

For me, this means looking at the physical clutter (what stuff do I not need and is only acting as a distraction from what really matters), mental clutter (what decisions have I been putting off, allowing them to linger in my mind making me constantly uneasy or feeling as though I have forgotten something), and the emotional clutter (asking myself “have I been filling my every free moment with distraction – screen time, people, substances – because I don’t feel comfortable facing myself and sitting with my own emotions”.

Write down the “stuff” that has been clogging up your space, time, money, energy, and mind, and then if you can, find the courage to let these things go. Donate the extra “things”, clear out negative people and situations from your life, and make time for you. Time is a huge one here. What is eating up your time that just isn’t necessary?

You have to make space for the magic in your life. If you don’t make the space, you’ll never notice it – you’ll never experience it truly, and thus you’ll never fully enjoy it. Make space for the magic all around you. ♥️

3. Treat yourself to some much needed rest, relaxation, and self care.

It is time to get in touch with yourself. Connect with family, take time to rest, relax and reconnect to what truly matters. You deserve your loving attention and care <3 It’s time to hold yourself close and extend your love to YOU!

Around the new year, I will start on some fresh goals and exciting projects, but right now, it’s time to receive. ♥️🐋

Do any of you celebrate the winter solstice? It had been an inward celebration for me this year. 🙂 Which is perfect I think.  Sharing it with the horses and my pup! I think that’s pretty ideal ♥️

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  1. Laurene

    Really interesting I’ll try to do it even tho we’re already in January 😄



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