As some of you may know, there has been a wild, widespread fire consuming much of Southern California this past week. It’s been a terrifying and terrible event for many people and animals. People have lost all their possessions, families have lost their homes, and most tragically, some have lost their lives. My heart cries out for all of the horses who have passed away in burning barns. It’s been a very difficult time for so many.

However, it’s also been a time of great strength, tight community, and heroic action. I’ve never seen such a coming together of people, especially in the horse community. So many people have put themselves in danger, offering their services, trailering horses out of harms way, and housing those who no longer have homes. I’ve seen a countless number of brave, giving individuals out there saving beloved horses they would have never otherwise known. The barriers of competition, training differences, grudges, and bad blood you sometimes see in the horse world have all melted away. It’s just one people looking out for the welfare of our beloved horses.

This coming together of community inspires me, renewing my faith in the horse world.

Like any life altering/threatening event, this fire has triggered many to contemplate their priorities and has left me considering what matter most in my life. I’ve talked about minimalism before as I am a very big fan of the ideology, but this fire has pushed me to dive in even deeper to the depths of non-attachment. Non-attachment to “things”…

even non-attachment to property…
this one is harder for me to accept, but this fire has me searching.

When I found out that I was going to have to leave the ranch Annie, the girls, and I live on now, I was distraught. I truly adore this place. I started coming to this ranch when I was a little girl. I met Annie here when I was 12. Annie, Sierra, and Elle were all born here. We learned everything we know here – all my Liberty philosophies and horsemanship began here…

in these arenas,
theses pastures,
these meadows…. this ranch has been my truest home for years. My favorite place in the world.

When I heard it was being sold and we would have to move off, I felt a little heartbroken. It may seem silly and materialistic, but the thought of moving away sent me into a variety of mourning. I love the oaks, the trees that have watched me grow up; I love the rocky mountain side, the cradling hills that always made me feel secure; I love the memories and the childhood and the lessons I have learned because I’ve had this safe, magical space. The thought of leaving broke my heart a little bit. The first week after finding out, I kept reminding myself, “home is where the herd is… home is where the herd is… home is where the herd is.”

I didn’t know where we were going to go, but in my clearest moments, I really felt that the only thing that really mattered was being with the ones I love. Annie, Sierra, India, Leah, Moon, Lilly, Claire, Freya, Milo, Little Guy, Linda, Lonnie, and now Katie and Luna… these are the beings who make our ranch a warm, indescribably magical home.
I am so grateful for our family. The ones I love mean everything to me. I am so incredibly blessed and grateful for all I have been given.

I see the pain of so many who have lost their homes in this fire. So many houses burned down, barns empty, cities blanketed in ash – but even as towns turned to rubble, but communities seemed stronger than ever. I am in awe of the people who have come together. The connections and love that’s all around… this part is truly beautiful.

My heart aches and reaches out for all of those who are going through such hardship right now. We love you and will support you in all the ways that we can.


  1. Alyssa Farrelly

    I am in total awe of you. I most defiantly shed a tear or many lol during while reading this and I know I say this a lot but you are just so incredibly insightful and wise beyond your years and you just totally embody the saying “we never stop growing” in every way possible. I have so much remorse for those who are losing so much right now and I wish so badly I were there and able to help. If there are any gofundmes I can donate to in order to help those who have lost so much please link them and let me know. What’s going on is utterly heart breaking and tragic and I am sending everyone so much love everyday and praying for all those in harms way ❤️ Thank you and your amazing family for all that you guys do truly you are all blessings ❤️.

  2. Molly

    Beautifully said, Mosie, except I think you left one thing out: you are one of the people putting themselves in danger, offering their services, trailering, housing horses in safe havens and then heading back out to do it again. I know this is true bc you have mine and I have more gratitude and awe in my heart than I will ever be able to express. Deep, deep bow of gratitude to you.


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