The Sanctuary

We aspire to give our Mustangs the most natural lifestyle we can provide. On an 80 acre wild mountain side, we aim to give our horses back the freedom they thrive on. | Voices of The Herd was born from our love and admiration of horses as well as our curiosity toward the relationship between human and horse. What is left when we remove dominance, training, and fences? What changes when we give horses back their inherent freedom of choice? What is the horse/human relationship when we express curiosity rather than expectation? These are the questions we love to explore.

Get Involved


Donate directly to the horses of voices of the herd here. Your donation will go to food, water, fencing, and other supplies needed to care for our current rescues as well as to go out and adopt more wild ones!


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Sponsor a Horse

Once the horses are settled at the sanctuary, you will have the opportunity to sponsor these inspiring individuals and help spread their message.