Foundation of Liberty Clinic


The Foundation of Liberty clinic is a great place to get started, and will set you on a path to a beautiful bond with your horse.

2 Day Clinic
Ventura County California



In this clinic, we explore the philosophy of Liberty Horsemanship, learn the basics of positive reinforcement training, and play with the horses at liberty in a way that inspires their spirit and natural curiosity. This is the foundation to Liberty Horsemanship that will set you on your path to a beautiful bond with your horse. Emphasis is placed on listening to the horse and understanding her perspective so that we may connect on a deeper level and create a beautiful, two-way relationship. Each day we will ground ourselves so that we may meet the horses in the present moment. By studying learning theory, we will open communication between species through play. Together, partners will begin creating relationships that empower both horse and human alike. With open hearts and minds, we will deepen our connection with these amazing beings through love and Liberty play.

2 Days
9am-4pm Both Days
Ventura County California

Participants are not required to bring their own horse. Select the “Without a Horse” option (under “Participation” button) to work with Mosie’s herd and the horses at the ranch.

If you would like to bring your own horse horse, select the “Bring Your Horse” option. People who bring their equine friends to the clinic must have insurance for their horse.

Everyone will have equal time hands-on with the horses and Mosie, regardless if one brings a horse or not.

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April 7-8, 2018, May 19-20, 2018


Work w/ Mosie's Herd, Bring Your Own Horse

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