Inter-species collaboration is so incredibly beautiful when it is mutually beneficial. All over the world you see wild animal collaboration that supports and aids both species involved. It’s pure harmony – and not only is it necessary for survival, but the connection brings joy and wonder to this world. Sadly, the system we have created with horses in the equestrian culture is anything but equal and very one sided. Tragically one-sided… We’ve transformed our mutually beneficial bond into something more closely resembling slavery. We house horses in boxes, strip away their freedom and choices – we take and use their bodies as if they are our own property and use them for entertainment and competition.

I’ve done all of these things in my life… and throughout it all, I was a horse lover at my core. I simply did not understand what exactly I was participating in… how the horses felt. I was taught by my fellow humans that this was “the way”. If I wanted a life with horses, as I so desperately did, then becoming a rider and an equestrian was my path… However somewhere inside of me, I felt something was off – I think many equestrians do. So like so many others, I went searching for a new way…

The horse/human connection can be absolutely beautiful – it is a true gift. It can benefit both horse and human in the most profound of ways if we remember and return to what it was that drew us to horses in the first place…
When I was a child, I had no desire to dominate or pressure a horse. I saw her running and bucking wild, and I did not want to stop or break her – I wanted to run beside her – I wanted to set free my soul to be more like her.

I ponder daily how it is that we can return to a purer connection with horses – how we can reconnect with the purest of intentions and loves… it goes beyond where I am even now.
It may be a life long discovery.


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