In this weekend clinic, we explore the philosophy of Liberty Horsemanship, learn the basics of positive reinforcement training, and play with the horses at liberty in a way that inspires their spirit and natural curiosity. This is a great intro to Liberty Horsemanship if you want to dive into a deeper relationship with you equine companions.

Emphasis is placed on listening to the horse and understanding her perspective so that we may connect on a deeper level and create a beautiful, two-way relationship. Each day we will ground ourselves so that we may meet the horses in the present moment. By studying learning theory, we will open communication between species through play. Together, partners will begin creating relationships that empower both horse and human alike. With open hearts and minds, we will deepen our connection with these amazing beings through love and Liberty play.

Mosie completely changed my life! Without her philosophy her methods, my horses and I would not be the same. She woke up a part inside of me I didn’t know existed; one full of compassion, acceptance and love. Once I knew this energy existed, the relationship I had with my horses shifted immediately.

In just 2 days, I learned more about myself and my relationship to horses than I had learned in 10+ years of “traditional” training and lessons. As a professional horse trainer, I’ve learned techniques and skills from Mosie and her herd that allow me to connect with horses in such an authentic way, allowing me to help clients achieve the relationship and goals they are striving for.

And don’t worry about how much you know about horses. Mosie is so good at what she does, you don’t have to know a thing in order to walk away feeling a dramatic shift in yourself.

Jessica R.

Colorado, USA

I have been learning from Mosie for 3 years now and I can say without any exaggeration that she has changed my life. She started helping me at a time when I was being bombarded by voices telling me to try harsh training methods on my filly, and she gave me the confidence to trust my instincts and believe that there is a gentler way to be with horses with the outcomes I envisioned. Mosie has helped me and my horse Siren through huge milestones, and I couldn’t be more grateful. It’s so inspiring getting to see her be with her own horses, and how much she has accomplished by creating trusting bonds, and allowing everyone to feel safe and free to be their creative selves. No pressure, tense energy, dominating…just pure partnership and everything you dream about for a horse friendship. I can’t recommend her enough!

Claire A.

California, USA

As a woman, an encounter with a person like Mosie can be life-changing. At at time where I was redifining how I wanted my life to be, how I wanted my relationship with myself, horses and others to evolve, being in her presence helped me rediscover certain aspects of my soul that had been repressed, just like humans often ask horses to repress who they really are. Her unique personality and beautiful way of seeing the world inspire us to reconnect to our wild nature, which is so liberating. The connection she has with her herd is truly fantastic and it was a real blessing and an honor to be in contact with them and to have the chance to learn from them. I can not wait to attend another one of her clinics!

Michele R.

Quebec, Canada

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