As many of you know, wildfires have been racing across Southern California this past week. Symbiotically, I have found that fires burning inside the hearts of many of the people around me. I know I have personally felt an intense fire energy within my own body, mind, and soul this past month, particularly this past week. I dove into this burning energy a few days ago and found this message waiting for me:

Inner flames were calling me allow the fire inside courageously and unapologetically burn away the things in life we no longer need. This is our moment to claim who we are and what we need and to release and burn away anything and anyone that is holding us back or making us feel small. This is our time to burn away anything that is not bringing joy and great love into your life.

Be the fire. Fire is not malevolent in nature – it is not evil nor does it have bad intentions. It’s destruction is cleansing and necessary – it makes way for greater health and beauty, life and creativity. In this season of fire, be the flames of your own life. See what needs to go, what needs to stay, and what needs to grow anew to make space for all of the good and the love that is coming for you. Great things can grow in this fertile soil, but only if there is room.

Lessons of the wild fires have lit up my inner-scape this past week. Both inner and outer flames remind me of my ability to ignite my personal power and creativity. Fire is not evil in nature. Fire is our opportunity for new growth and better life. While it may seem harsh to burn away negative situations, people, and thought patterns from your life, ultimately, it is done for the greater good of all, starting first with the greater good for the self. Fire teaches us to be bold in our decision making, and to let go of that which no longer serves us.

We don’t just experience fire – we are the fire. It’s time to embody our own flames. Everything unnecessary can go – guilt, negativity, toxic people and situations must go. Fire reminds us and makes room for what is really important. What is left at the end of the burn is space for greater love, joy, and expression to flourish.

Make room for more love than you could possibly imagine. Burn away the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual clutter.

This week, I’m getting to know my own fire. She is beautiful – she is empowering – and as I am just learning, she is not to be feared.

A bit more inspiration for you in regards to physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual “clutter”.

Get In-Touch With Your Fire

Here are a few questions you can explore with yourself to help get in touch with your own inner wildfire. Journal around these questions and see what comes up for you personally. Ask yourself:

Physical Space
What are my favorite things in life? Family time? Work? Horses? Surfing? Whatever it may be to you, write it down.
Do the things I own reflect my passions, values, and priorities in life?
What of my “things” bring true joy and value to my life?
What items am I holding on to simply out of habit, indecision, or obligation?
What “stuff” can I clear physically out of my life to make myself feel more free and organized in my home?

“Have nothing in your house that you do not know to be useful, or believe to be beautiful."

 ― William Morris

What are my priorities in life right now?
In what ways does my lifestyle reflect my priorities?
How does my lifestyle differ from my priorities?
What changes do I need to make to better align my priorities and my reality?
Are there any obligations or responsibilities I need to shed in order to make room for what is really important to me right now?

Mental Space
What thoughts play on repeat in my mind that make me feel badly about myself.
What recurring thoughts trigger feelings of guilt, fear, anger, depression, and/or shame?
Can I let go of any toxic thought patterns that only exist to bring me down and make me feel about about myself?
What can I replace these thoughts with instead?
When I start to think this negative thought: ________
I will instead remind myself: _________

What We Attract Into Our Lives
What situations make me feel bad about myself?
What situations make me feel great, empowered, and confident?
Who in my life inspires and uplifts me?
Which people make me feel small, bring me down, and make me feel bad about myself?
What part of me may feel I deserve to feel badly and wants to keep around the toxic people and situations?
What situations and people and thoughts can I clear from my life and which do I want to make more time for?

Emotional Life
What have I been feeling most recently?
Are there any patterns that keep coming up for me again and again?
What are the emotional patterns I need to break so that I can start fresh and a new and good in this upcoming year?

Write a list of things, people, and passions that add real value to your life:


Here are a few things I having been contemplating and shedding away to make room for the new year:

I am letting go of the fear of mistakes – letting go of guilt – letting go of resistance to success – letting go of feelings of unworthiness – letting go of people who make me feel badly about myself – letting go of the fear of the uncomfortable – letting go of the negative opinions of others – letting go of comparisons – letting go of the fear of failure – letting go of the to be perfect – letting go of anything that keeps me from the inner peace found when we feel free to be 100% our unapologetic selves.

I am letting go of all of this to make room for all the love in my life – room for fulfillment and prosperity – room for joy – room for humor – room for meeting new, positive people – room for great new friends – room for inspiring collaboration – room for exciting adventure – room for deep love – room for success – room for creation – room for great peace – room for my fully authentic self to shine.

The wildfires in our hearts can help us clear the way for all the wonderful blessings we would love to have in our lives – let them open your heart to all the possibilities and all the beauty that comes when you decide that you don’t deserve to put up with what does not serve you or even hurts you any longer.


  1. Jeannine Brandt

    This is exactly what I needed right now! Thank you – Jeannine

  2. Krysti

    This is so what I needed! Thank you for this amazing post!


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