*Audio is Unbalanced for the first 4 Minutes of the Episode and Then Returns to Normal

This week Mosie talks about her relationship with the wild mustang Athena.

Topics in this Episode:

  • The Story of Picking up and Releasing Athena
  • The First Time Athena Reached Out To Touch a Human
  • Exploring the Beginnings of the Human and Horse Relationship
  • Which Horses Choose to Reach Out
  • The Courage it Takes to Form a New Relationship in the Face of Unknown and Fear
  • The Pressure we Put on Our Relationships w/ Horses to Look Like the “Bonds” we See on Instagram
  • How Being Together Can Be Enough

Mosie Trewhitt: IG: @LittlePistolAnnie
FB: Mosie Trewhitt Liberty Horsemanship
Website: LibertyHorsemanship.com
Voices of the Herd, Wild Horse Sanctuary
IG: @VoicesoftheHerd

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