This week, Mosie talks with Frida Riebel, horse manager & trainer for “A Little Rescue”, about working with aggressive horses and how seeing yourself in reflection to the horse opens up greater understanding between horse and human (as well as with ourselves).
The two share the stories of two red, fiery fillies – Rue and Roe – and what they have learned about freedom within themselves.

Topics in this Episode:

  • The story of Roe – how things seemingly magically lined up for Frida & Mosie to rescue and set free the red, wild-spirited fillies Roe + Rue and what that has taught them about freeing themselves
  • Horsemanship with aggressive horses
  • Working w/ horses under extreme life-or-death pressure
  • Seeing ourselves in the horses we connect with
  • How how you train, see, and treat your horses reflects how you treat yourself
  • Do we punish ourselves? Do we stand with ourselves? and other questions about shame, compassion, and self-acceptance
  • How there is no “one method” and that’s okay
  • Free the Horse – Free Yourself
  • Why “letting your horse get away with something” isn’t as horrible as we think – why it’s important to free ourselves from the limiting idea that we can’t listen to what a horse wants and follow their lead as well

Frida Riebel:
IG: @FridaRiebel

A Little Rescue
IG: @alittlerescue
FB: A Little Rescue

Mosie Trewhitt:

IG: LittlePistolAnnie
FB: Mosie Trewhitt Liberty Horsemanship
Horsemanship Website:

Voices of the Herd, Wild Horse Sanctuary
IG: @VoicesoftheHerd

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