This week, Mosie speaks with Menea Johansson Djarv, horse woman/trainer, about the importance of valuing happiness in your horsemanship and freeing yourself from the pressures of what it means to be an “equestrian” (even a liberty/natural horsemanship equestrian).

Other Topics in This Episode:

  • leaving lessons and traditional riding to follow your own path
  • finding the freedom to allow yourself to change
  • going off instagram
  • tiny house living
  • minimalism
  • veganism
  • following your own happiness + joy
  • making room in your life to know you have and are enough

Horse IG: @nornea
Personal IG: @freezingfaerie

Mosie Trewhitt:
IG: @LittlePistolAnnie
FB: Mosie Trewhitt Liberty Horsemanship

Voices of the Herd – Wild Horse Sanctuary

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