Re-Wilding The Human is a series within “In the Spirit of Horse” where we explore ways we humans can transform and liberate ourselves. Much like compassion, I believe we can only share as much freedom and understanding as we cultivate within. On a journey to re-wild the horses in my life, I believe I must also re-wild myself/this is a journey that starts from within. To unbreak the horse, we must restore the human.
This series explores the ways in which we may feel broken, trapped, and fenced in – and how we can reclaim our own freedom through inherent worthiness.


This week, Mosie speaks with Jessica Rothley, Certified Eating Psychology Coach specializing in Functional Endocrinology and the voice behind Wholly Healed. The two talk about body image, beauty, and the ways we disassociate from our body and our inherent worth as humans. How do we reclaim our space, body, and worthiness? Jess speaks about her own journey to becoming Wholly Healed and ways in which we we can all return home to our freedom, our bodies, and ourselves.

Jess Rothley:
Website: Wholly Healed
IG: @WhollyHealed

Mosie Trewhitt:
IG: @LittlePistolAnnie
FB: Mosie Trewhitt Liberty Horsemanship



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