This week, Mosie talks about the first steps she takes and teaches when starting Liberty Horsemanship. She gives some how-to guidelines for how to develop a close relationship with a horse and begin training at liberty.

Mosie Trewhitt:

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  1. Kathryn

    Dear Mosie,
    I want to say thank you for taking the time to make this podcast every week. It has helped me so much. It has helped me find liberty, stop breaking my mare, and start listening to her. Stop using pressure, and start using positive reinforcement. I know it must be a lot of work, but it is so inspiring. The encouragement that whenever someone says “just give her a good jerk.” Or “what do you mean she said no?” (Even worse, the looks) your not alone. There are other people who don’t break the horse, who care,it is priceless. It is amazing the difference in her, how creative she is when you ask “ what would you like to do?” “Wich game would you like to play” it’s so much fun playing games that the horse comes up with! It is so special when you get a real yes. They are so gentle with you! The quieter I am the more I start to notice she treats me so carefully. Used to I would barely give a thought to how I treated her(not exactly). My mare is a completely different horse thanks to you and our relationship has changed completely,my view on horses has changed completely and I no longer feel guilty. So I thank you for that. Me and my mare thank you. If you would like some ideas for your podcast here are some:
    How to stay away from pressure in the hard times I find it’s sometimes very hard to stay away from pressure when people or the situation is/are stressful.

    Games for liberty. Chase the ghost was very helpful when a gelding I was in the pasture with was absolutely terrified of whips (or even a piece of grass)if you have any other games I would love to know.

    Unlocking creativity. I would adore anything on this subject!

    Reasons behind round penning. Would love to learn the reasons behind this common practice, and why they work.
    Of course I want there to be no pressure to do any of these just some ideas that I would love to hear about if you ever have time. Again thank you. you have changed my girl’s (mare’s) life for the better, and we have been through a lot but we’re on the right track.


    This is my favorite podcast to listen to every week by far! I look forward to hearing what you have to say. It is so inspiring every week to get refreshed in the knowledge that there is a world with no pressure. There is a world where you don’t push the horse, that is priceless. It changed the way I see my mare and all horses, the way I treat them is completely different too. I no longer feel guilty for pressuring them and punishing them when they did wrong. I understand now to use positive renforcement and clicker training, also of course the power of play is very important in unlocking creativity. It was so special the first time that I offered to play a game, and instead she offered to play a game that she made up! it’s amazing to think that after you’ve been told that horses don’t think for themselves and you have to tell them what to do, and then find out that actually horses are incredibly smart and creative and have really amazing ideas. When you play her games and she stops and is saying “OK now let’s play yours.” It’s twice as much fun! When you calm down and you just stand together and breathe, she is so gentle with me. if I’m near her, her tail stops swishing she slows down her breathing and reaches around to check in with me. So gentle like mothers to their foals. If she sees me start to get stressed as I watch people coming going and horses stomping the ground. Impatiently and I start to get stressed and worried she takes a deep breath in and then huffs it out I look at her and she is looking straight at me telling me to,”Calm down and remember to let it go.” Horses are absolutely amazing creatures! Now if you would like some ideas for a podcast to do here are some; of course there should be no pressure to do any of these they are just ideas that I would love to hear about if you ever have time remember no pressure;)

    Unlocking creativity through the power of play. I loved hearing that insert from the introduction to liberty.I would love to hear an insert from unlocking creativity through the Power of Play or Using Energy for Empowerment either of these would help me and I would deeply enjoy listening to them

    Games for liberty. I loved hearing about chase the ghost from your blog, and it really helped me when a very skittish, tence, nervous, gelding was in the pasture with me. He was scared of whips and would not let me touch him but when I picked up a piece of grass he thought it was a whip so I started playing chase the ghost and now if I even pick up a stick or a piece of grass he immediately comes to me touching it waiting for click and his reward. If you have any other games I would love to know!

    The reasons behind round penning. I would love to understand more about why chasing a horse around and around works and the reasons behind it from learning theory. I got reaching the animal mind from Karen Pryor and I’m currently reading it but would love to hear from your podcast about common practices such as round pinning etc.

    Thank you so so much by mare is so happy because of you. I wish that I could’ve come to one of your clinics and maybe I can one day, but I live so far away from California that it probably won’t be possible. For now I’m learning as much as I can and that is special too. Me and my girl learning together. Me and my mare thank you! Sincerely,Kathryn and Phoenix.


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