Horsemanship rooted in the deep spiritual connection between horse and human
honoring the individuality, integrity, and voice of the horse.

34 | Empowering Horses to Move w/ Power & Authenticity w/ Kathy Sierra of Intrinzen

This week, Mosie speaks with Kathy Sierra from Intrinzen. “Intrinzen teaches humans to help horses become better at what every horse wants to be: a proud, agile horse.” The two talk about movement and motivational science, and how understanding &...
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33 | Opening a Wild Horse Sanctuary w/ Voices of the Herd

This week, Mosie Trewhitt and Nina Polo talk about the launch of their new project Voices of the Herd, Wild Horse Sanctuary and Retreats. The two talk about their experiences with the wild horses and their process opening up a sanctuary. It’s Launch Day! Check...
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32 | Re-Wilding the Human – Healing Body Image & Claiming Our Worth w/ Jess Rothley

Re-Wilding The Human is a series within “In the Spirit of Horse” where we explore ways we humans can transform and liberate ourselves. Much like compassion, I believe we can only share as much freedom and understanding as we cultivate within. On a journey...
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Evacuating Ranch Due to Fires Update & Announcement About This Week

Here’s a quick update on evacuating the horses from the fires going on in California, how everyone’s doing, and the changes we are going through. 🙂 New episode coming next week!...
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31 | Incorporating +R and Liberty into Your Horsemanship w/o Giving Up Everything Else You Already Know w/ The Willing Equine

This week, Mosie talks with Adele Shaw, horse woman, trainer, blogger, clinician, and voice of “The Willing Equine”. The two talk about practical ways to make a better life for your horse, give her more choice, and still accomplish your goals. You...
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30 | Objectification, Embodiment, Owning Your Emotions, & Becoming the Subject of Your Own Life w/ Lilly Mischer

This week, Mosie talks with Musician and Artist, Lilly Mischer about what it means to drop into the present moment. There are similarities between the breaking of horses and the breaking of humans – objectification is a pillar. How do all we claim back our roles...
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29 | Could Being “Too Soft” be Our Greatest Strength? Questioning “Weakness” and Labels of the Horse World w/ Nina Polo

This week, Mosie talks with Nina Polo, yoga and meditation teacher, horse woman, and overall badass about the labels put on us in life and as equestrians. The two talk about how qualities such as being “gentle” and “soft” with horses were...
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28 | Moving to the New Ranch & Answering Questions

This week Mosie talks about her move to the new ranch and the plans for the property, and answers some listener questions. Mosie Trewhitt: IG: LittlePistolAnnie FB: Mosie Trewhitt Liberty Horsemanship Website: SPONSORS: Wild Fed Horse Feed  ...
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27 | Do Horses Love Us? Talking Love & Healing w/ Emily Frost

This week, Mosie talks to liberty horse trainer Emily Frost of Kiros Way Horsemanship about overcoming trauma, healing with horses, and love. The two ask and discuss the question: Do horses love? Do they love us? Emily Frost Kiros Way Horsemanship –...
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26 | Life from the Horse’s Perspective & Talking Pain w/ Healer & Animal Communicator Margrit Coates

This week, Mosie talks with Magrit Coates, Healer, Author, and Animal Communicator, about the experience of horses around the world and the messages they have shared with her. Margrit Coates: Website: Books:...
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